Local Company 1-800-Repairs has generously agreed to partner with us here at ASGNO!

They will be donating a portion of their revenue directly to us to help support our programs and help us help the local community even more!  Their generous support will allow us to continue to run our highly popular Information and Referral program, our Mini-Grant Program, and to help us expand our available programming to continue our mission to improve the lives of all affected by Autism!  And remember, all funds donated to ASGNO stay in the Greater New Orleans area, so they are giving back directly to the local community. Their generosity is inspiring and we truly appreciate our partnership!  Read below to find out more about 1-800-Repairs and check out their website!


“At 1800 Repairs Network, we are a repairs and remodeling facilitation service for home, boat, and auto repairs that works residentially and with property managers and owners to make life just a little easier. We have a rolodex of service providers around the state of Louisiana here to make life easier. IA lot of people have “a guy” for when something breaks. But somehow, some way, there always seems to be something that breaks at the most inconvenient time that you just don’t have “a guy” for. Instead of googling to try to figure out who to call, who will get you the best deal, who is legit, and who can get it done the fastest, just call the easiest to remember number in the industry, 1 800 REPAIRS. You call, we collect the information, and take care of everything else and facilitate the entire repair. 
We are a passionate motivated group of leaders whose mission is to deliver fast, easy, convenient, A+ repair work to our customers while saving them time and creating convenience. To create this, we are also committed to 1) building and maintaining a culture of resourceful, solution-oriented leaders who embody excellence, integrity, and honor inside and outside of our organization; and 2) giving work to service providers who are willing to put our customers first, offer fair discounts, and provide timely, A+ repair work.”