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The Autism Society of Greater New Orleans is currently accepting applications for our newly opened Virtual Program Facilitator Position thanks to a generous grant from the Tres Doux Foundation.  Please review the Job description below and follow the link at the bottom of the page to apply if you are interested in being considered for this position.  You will need a cover letter, resume, and optionally any additional documentation of your qualifications you feel supports your application.  Please ensure your resume is no more than two pages and only includes your positions and experience that are most relevant to this position.

Position Title

Support Group Facilitator

Position Type

Contract, temporary (1 year)


The Support Group Facilitator(s) will facilitate a support group virtually via the Autism Society of Greater New Orleans’ Zoom account. Facilitators may be required to select group topics and assist with organization of materials. Facilitators will work closely with the Administrative Manager to plan each group meeting. Facilitators are expected to provide a leadership role within the support group and ensure a constructive and supportive atmosphere is maintained by all group participants. 


This is a work from home position. Facilitators must have reliable internet access and appropriate hardware (Computer, Tablet, etc.) to conduct the virtual support groups.

Key Responsibilities

  • Facilitate group at the designated time with the designated frequency of the group
  • Encourage participation and provide focus and guidance for discussions within the group
  • Negotiate / facilitate conflicts, arguments, and/or disagreements should any arise during group meetings
  • Educate participants about other services offered by the Autism Society of Greater New Orleans
  • Coordinate and organize support group curriculum with the Administrative Manager 
  • Communicate with ASGNO staff and board members about on-going program and participant needs
  • Understand and follow all ASGNO Virtual Event policies and procedures
  • Document attendance and participation of each support group meeting

Reports To

ASGNO’s Administrative Manager and the Board of Directors

Time Commitment

Varies depending on duration and frequency of virtual meetings

Qualities of a Good Facilitator Candidate

  • Experience – either personal or professionally with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • The ability to be empathetic and separate personal needs from group needs
  • Strong listening skills and effective communication skills
  • Ability to redirect and facilitate discussion 
  • Ability to create and maintain a safe and engaged environment where participants’ thoughts and feelings are values and group members are treated fairly and with respect
  • Committed to promoting the ASGNO mission and services and a willingness to act as an extension of ASGNO 


The ideal candidate will have experience facilitating group meetings and a knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder. An educational or professional background in psychology, social work, education, PT, OT, ST, ABA, etc is preferred. Additional qualifications for each different support group may be requested. Facilitators must be 18 years of age or older, have excellent communication skills, and have some personal or professional experience with the topics to be discussed in the group meetings. 

  • For our Spanish and Vietnamese support groups, fluency in the language is required. 
  • For the LGBTQIA+ support group, a facilitator who identifies with the community is preferred.
  • For the children’s social groups, experience working with groups of children is preferred.


Facilitators will be paid $50 per session they facilitate. If no participants show up for a scheduled group session, the facilitator will be expected to document and close the session after 15 minutes and will be paid half of their rate ($25) for their troubles. If a session is cancelled by ASGNO – generally due to lack of participants signed up for the session – the facilitator will have at least 12 hours notice and will not be paid.

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