Specialty License Plates

Support the Autism Society of Louisiana by Purchasing a Specialty License Plate

We have exciting news! The Office of Motor Vehicles is in the final phase of testing the specialty license plate for Autism Society Louisiana State Chapter, Inc.! This plate will be available in the near future (sometime in mid-January 2020) for sale to the general public.
Prior to this, we have the opportunity to auction off the remaining 59 numbers of the first 100 license plates as a fundraiser for the Louisiana State Autism Society
Please take careful note of the specifics of this exciting auction:
Beginning date/time: 9:00 A.M. Friday, November 1, 2019
Ending date/time: 11:59 P.M. Thursday, November14, 2019
Auction link/ Vendor: Charity Auctions Today
Please go to this link to view further auction details:
If you have any questions about the license plates, please contact the Louisiana State Autism Society at (225) 221-7873.

In addition to the money raised through this auction, once the license plates are released for sale to the general public, Autism Society Louisiana State Chapter, Inc. will receive $50 per quarter for each plate sold during that period. This is on-going, and continues when the license is renewed.

This is a wonderful fundraising opportunity and will support the mission and vision of the Autism Society. It will go to support advocacy, education, information and referral, support, and community awareness at the state and local affiliate levels.

Our Mission: Improving the lives of all affected by autism.

Our Vision: The Autism Society envisions a world in which individuals and families living with autism are able to maximize their quality of life, are treated with the highest level of dignity, and live in a society in which their talents and skills are appreciated and valued.

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